CORRECTION: Keaton met the camera on March 21st

Keaton’s datebook (Thanks for the image, Patty!)

Patty Tobais at the Damfinos has very kindly let me know that I’ve made a mistake. While Keaton met Lou Anger on March 19th, he didn’t actually go before the camera until March 21st. He wrote it all down in his day book.

I was relying on the story as told in Rudi Blesh’s biography, and I regret my error. Please consider it an early notice, so you can get ready for the big event on Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “CORRECTION: Keaton met the camera on March 21st”

  1. I was assuming this date commemorated when Buster visited the Comique studio for the first time, thus getting to inspect a motion picture camera up close for the first time, too. To me, you weren’t really incorrect–the Blesh quote could be interpreted as “Let’s do that scene…tomorrow.” 😉


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